In this world of ours, change happens and happens quickly. Leaders of organizations throughout the world are finding their tenure at the helm tenuous and highly stressful. Consider …Emergence

  • Of the world’s top organizations, more than 80% rifted their chief executives within the last ten years.
  • In the last six years, 55% of chief executive officers were terminated within four years of their hiring.
  • With the financial meltdown, governments are demanding more accountability of organizational leaders.
  • Boards of Directors are being held more accountable of the actions of the organizational leadership making Board’s less tolerant leadership failures.

Dr. Ronald Shafer has taken his vast experience in leading organizations coupled with his extensive education and developed methods to understand, identify, and manipulate social chaos to the aSurfing Chaosdvantage of the organization, its leadership, and most importantly its stakeholders.

Instead of investing massive energy, time, and financial resources trying to control and resists chaos within the organizational environments of staff, resources, competition, and natural phenomenon, CEO Coaches show you how to use the natural substance of life itself to accomplish goals while minimizing stress, financial commitments, and maximizing profits, customer satisfaction, and staff satisfaction.

Dr. Shafer, a surfer since his teens, likens chaos in an organization to a fantastic wave at Hawaii’s Pipeline …